Einstein Revealed-OUT OF STOCK

Einstein Revealed-OUT OF STOCK
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Journey into the mind of a genius and visualize the thought experiments Albert Einstein could only imagine: mind-boggling meditations on light, time, and space that would forever change the way we view the universe. What was the secret of Einstein's scientific creativity? NOVA's two-hour special traces his extraordinary rise from a student who flunked his engineering exams to the world's most renowned physicist. This penetrating profile of a scientist who changed our vision of physical reality includes dramatic recreations and easy-to-understand animations of Einstein's landmark Theory of Relativity.

Through Einstein's own words, learn how--after using his wife, Mileva, as a sounding board for his early theories--the young patent clerk abandons "the unpredictability of human relations." Then, follow his ferocious quest to "glimpse the order that lies hidden in nature" -- a search that catapults him to the forefront of modern physics, but at great personal cost.